Deluxe Power Head CT25

Part # B15

14" Electric Power Head with step latch for quick release and chevron brush for efficient cleaning. Includes four height adjustments. Top of the line Power Head for plush carpets and areas where deep cleaning is required.

Fixed Turbine Brush

Part # A42

Fixed turbine powered brush. Deeper cleaning is realized through mechanical agitation. Air driven Turbo Brushes harness the vacuum cleaner's air then use that power to turn a cylindrical brush. This simple and cost effective system brings new levels of cleaning to standard cleaners. Air driven Turbo Brushes are ideal for pet owners and allergen sensitive persons.

ITEM NAME: Turbocat EX

Part # A62

Air turbine driven power brush for carpets and rugs.

CT14QD Power Head


The QuietDrive™ line of electric brushes offers all the advantages of a long lineage of brushes that began with the CT-14DX.  This brush features wrap-around bumpers for protecting high end furniture and baseboards, height adjustment for a wide variety of carpets, large rear wheels to help negotiate around furniture and uneven surfaces, a reset button to protect the motor from jams, headlight, and an easy-release connection between the powerhead and wand to use the wand above the floor