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Welcome to our 30th Annual Christmas Sale!
December 1st thru December 31st you can purchase any single item of Power Units, Accessories or Packs for 20% off our regular price. 
Please email, call or visit our showroom to purchase items. 
Thank you and have a Happy Holiday Season & New Year!
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Welcome to OMAR'S Built-In Vacuums the premier provider of central vacuum systems in the Puget Sound region. Our customers include many of the high end builders in the area. Founded in 1965 OMAR'S has enhanced homeowner lifestyle with flexible systems priced to fit family budgets for 50 years. We manufacture our own power units in Woodinville in order to maintain the highest quality products. We use only the longest life Lamb/Ametek motors and quality electronics. The units are all powder coated steel to reduce any wear and rust.

The Benefits of Central Vacuums

  • Convenient With our standard (carry around hose) system or the Hide-A-Hose system you will find unparalleled convenience in your housekeeping work. No more lugging heavy vacuums around and up and down stairs. 

  • Healthful Allergy sufferers’ symptoms can be improved up to 61% when using a central vacuum system, according to the University of California Davis School of Medicine. Powerful motors and venting to the outside increase the indoor air quality substantially. Upright and canister vacuums will always leave dust and mites in the air no matter how well filtered.

  • Powerful Central vacuums are up to 5 times more powerful than the typical portable vacuum. The result is better cleaning that pulls out dust and dirt that’s invisible to the human eye. 

  • Quiet The main power unit is located outside the living area in the garage or mechanical room and keeps noise to a minimum in the house. 

  • Flexible Although the best time to install a central vacuum system in your home is during new construction, OMAR'S systems can be installed in existing homes. You even have the ability to rough in the system at one time and add the power unit and accessories at a later date. We install in all sizes of homes from the very smallest to the extremely large.
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